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Carnival Cruise Line Arrow Cuba Arrow 5 Day Cuba From Miami, FL
5 Day Cuba From Miami, FL
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Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Line
OfferOffer valid through 9/30/2018
5 Days
Cruise Ship
Carnival Sensation
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Day 1Miami 4:00 PM
Day 2Freeport7:00 AM3:00 PM
Day 3Havana9:00 AM 
Day 4Havana 6:00 AM
Day 5Nassau8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 6Miami8:00 AM 
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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
February 15, 2020Category 1A - Fun Select$489.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4A - Fun Select$509.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4B - Fun Select$509.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4C - Fun Select$514.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category PT - Fun Select$519.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4D - Fun Select$524.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4E - Fun Select$529.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 4I - Fun Select$539.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 6A - Fun Select$569.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 6B - Fun Select$569.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 6C - Fun Select$574.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 6D - Fun Select$594.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 6E - Fun Select$604.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 8A - Fun Select$829.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 8B - Fun Select$854.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 8C - Fun Select$869.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 8D - Fun Select$879.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category 8M - Fun Select$899.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category OB - Fun Select$939.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category JS - Fun Select$1,009.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category GS - Fun Select$1,209.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2020Category ES - Fun Select$1,279.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 1A - Fun Select$519.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4A - Fun Select$539.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4B - Fun Select$539.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4C - Fun Select$544.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category PT - Fun Select$549.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4D - Fun Select$554.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4E - Fun Select$559.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 4I - Fun Select$569.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 6A - Fun Select$599.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 6B - Fun Select$599.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 6C - Fun Select$604.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 6D - Fun Select$624.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 6E - Fun Select$634.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 8A - Fun Select$859.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 8B - Fun Select$884.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 8C - Fun Select$899.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 8D - Fun Select$909.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category 8M - Fun Select$929.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category OB - Fun Select$959.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category JS - Fun Select$1,029.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category GS - Fun Select$1,229.00 (USD)Quote
February 29, 2020Category ES - Fun Select$1,299.00 (USD)Quote
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